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How to login#

To login, use your username and password that was send to you per email. If you have changed your password in the preferences, you have to use the new password.
Your login username normally is "Firstname_Lastname" (without the quotes).

How to restore my password#

If you have forgotten your password, you can restore it in the tab "Lost password". Just enter the email address of your account.
Note: The check for the correct email address is case sensitive. So if your email is not recognized, you should also try to enter it with the first letter of your first and last name in uppercase.

How to register a new user#

Go to the tab "Register New User". The form asks for:

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  • Your desired display name (e.g., Jon Jalkanen). It is the name displayed by KnowSEC.
  • An e-mail address. This can be used when you need to reset your password (see "How to restore my password").

When you save the profile, KnowSEC checks to make sure that the new login, name and full name aren't already used by someone else. If so, you are given the opportunity to choose different values.

After saving the profile, an admin has to authorise your account. Please ask Marc Brandt oder Michael Neumann to authorise your account.

After creating the profile, you can edit it via the "My Prefs" link in the top right corner.

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