What is an identifier?#

The identifiers of a substance are used to let other users and the system know, under which names the substance shown on the current page is known.
Currently the following identifiers can be used:

What is a part?#

You can combine logically connected Substance Info Pages into one overall Substance Info Page containing the merged information of all the parts.

Example: You want to create a Group Info Page for benzene derivates. There are already Substance Info Pages for some of the derivates like phenol, toluene and aniline. If you create a new Group Info Page with the Group Name benzol derivates and add the page name for the different derivates in the parts section of the benzol derivates page, the page will contain the merged information of all added parts.

It is also possible to just combine Substance Info Pages which actually describe the same substance by accident.

What is a memo?#

When working on substances you can either use the decision making dialog to add and document new information or you can write a memo. A memo allows to further explain the reasons for a decision in the large text area and you can also document made decisions directly, in case the decision making dialog didn't quite fit the situation.

How to add a memo to a substance?#

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What is the decision making#

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Decision Making is available on substance info pages on the left. You can add information to a substance which will then be available for dynamic substance lists and is stored for documentation.

Why is the summary of the substance not updated?#

The summary is only updated after saving the changes in the decision making with the "Save" button on the top left.

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